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I “lost” my tablet pen and I had a feeling Tesla stole it from my desk, so I investigated. He ran to the fridge and I followed him and remembered that he lost his egg (pictured) under there a little while ago. I pulled the fridge out to see if my tablet pen might be hiding there too.


Tesla STOLE everything we’ve lost in the past few months and put it under the refrigerator. My tablet pen along with 6 other pens/pencils, the bottom part to an iPhone charging case, a handful of buttons, part of my hair clippers, our lego man magnet, clothespins, a candle, along with various bottlecaps, paperclips, magnets, chopsticks, and drinking straws. He nearly got Erin’s whole weekday pill case under there.

He is a MONSTER … He must be stopped


well you named him Tesla. He was probably trying to build a death ray.

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